A soft moonlit sky drowns the liminal ocean

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so, what is liminality?

To keep it simple, it's the state of transition, the state of something between isnt yet and is no longer. In layman's terms, the difference between IS and ISN'T. This can be anything from a space, a resource or even a feeling!

Liminal spaces is the main thing I'll be focusing on for the moment, it gives a feeling of familiarity or a sense of "deja vu", and it's created or photographed in that way intentionally, in order to make you feel uneasy, sometimes it comes with a feeling of anxiety or you're waiting for SOMETHING to happen, despite nothing being there in the first place.

- My experience! -

My own personal experience with photographing liminal spaces or the concept of liminality itself was, interesting to say the least, it comes with some danger in order to be in a place where you expect to be alone, but there's always that sense in the back of your head where you might feel like you're not alone, despite being, which comes with a pretty nice adrenaline rush if i'm going to be honest, it was a nice experience despite all the troubles i went through in order to get something feasibly possible to understand with little effort.

Another part of the experience is creating the format which i'm currently showing you. It came with a ton of work and time to fully build this website from the ground up, in order to make a curated experience that you wouldn't normally get in a minimalistic website (wix, google sites, etc). In short, i went with a y2k-esque aesthetic to design this site, mainly based on old 90s geocities websites made by the community. Using the neocities project as a host, and layouts/code snippets made by sadgrl.online.

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