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about me

Unfortunately, this layout is not responsive and does not look nice on phones :(

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But it's still something right?

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Hi, I'm Q, im 18 and i do funky stuff like code and create stuff

NOTE: c4f3_r0s3, MXM and q are all the same person, just different aliases

Unfortunately i suck at html, so this is the most i can do

i made this about my page in like, 2 hours so i hope you enjoy it :p

I also tried to make this look clean and easily digestible, the main point of this entire website is to host my projects, but also a throwback down memory lane


wow!! some space??!!

another section

even more space???? wowww

the silly part of it

i got bored, started making a silly website and now here we are, i got a full about me page, a (near) perfect homepage and so much more!!

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