A soft moonlit sky drowns the liminal ocean
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Welcome to Mandela county!

w h e r e a m i ?

Images:(Left to right, Top to Bottom) (row-major order)

1. "A Forgotten Tragedy", a picture of the set used for the spring play, before it was disassembled, and after it was used. it has a sense of familiarity, but it looks odd without the main characters in it.

2. "Only Audience", taken in a dark theater, where you're the only one watching a play with no actors, a set with no life.

3. "Look Around", same idea, but this time the feeling of being alone is more intense than the previous.

4. "Crew, Set, Go!", a darkened backstage, where you're the only one who controls what's being shown to the audience, if there is any.

5. "And You'll Play Too", this time you're the one looking at the audience, you're the one being watched, instead of watching.

6. "Anyone there?", looking for help from the backstage area returns nothing, only you can perform now.

7. "The Store is Now Closed", moving on to the outside world, you see an entry with no exit.

8. "Peek-A-Boo!", looking around for a sign of life, you see a tree, i loved the contrast between the wall and what's behind it on this one

9. "^.^ says Hi!", perhaps a forgotten tag that someone left, on a decaying door. Honestly my favorite part of this picture was the focus on both parts despite the rule of thirds being used here.

10. "The Rink Closes at 7", sort of looks like an abandoned building, but its still alive somehow, must be the lights inside?

11. "Not The Full Story", sometimes you dont see what happens behind the scenes, you'll see what's presented to you, in this case a fast food place, that looks attractive at first, until you see the other side which is not so pretty as what you see at first.

12. "A Hidden Fuse", not sure where this was, but a closed off electricity generator is not something you see in urban areas much.

13. "L A N D L A I N", pretty straightforward powerline, added a bit of film grain to it to make it feel like the color.

14. "You're Not Supposed to Be Here", looked empty when i was there, curiosity dosen't kill the cat sometimes

15. "Nature Reclaimed", a couple of abandoned houses, reserved for the enjoyment of others to see what used to be a safe place for some.

16. "Misconfigured", a bit more complex transmission tower, going in all directions where it takes a bit of time to figure out what's coming from where, and vice versa.

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